The Drunkbirder’s Bookshelf

The Best Birdwatching Sites in Dorset
Neil Gartshore, Buckingham Press,
ISBN 978-0-9569876-0-0, £17.95


Buckingham Press continues to produce excellent site guides that really do knock the opposition into a cocked hat. The series is consistently excellent and all the design features are consistent across the series -something that can’t be said for other site guides.
After looking at the practicalities of birding in Dorset, it is onto a month by month account of what you might see and where. There then follows a very good article on seawatching in Dorset which is well worth a read. After a discussion of the landscape and habitats in the County, it’s into the meat of the book… the sites themselves. Coverage is in alphabetical order and is very thorough with tips for getting the very best from a visit. The maps are exceptionally clear and access details are easy to follow. You really can’t get lost… I hope. The seven pages devoted to Portland are some of the best I’ve seen.
The guide rounds off with a look at the Dorset list, a glossary of terms and some useful contacts and finally a list of sites available by public transport – something that should be encouraged.
Brilliant – buy it!


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