BOU 450

Being a bit bored I decided to do something silly and try and get people to guess what my 450th BOU species will be. My hope is for one of these…

Gyrfalcon - Paul Gale

Photo courtesy of Paul Gale 


7 responses to “BOU 450

  1. Blasting north westerlies recently might have helped bring one here, we are off to Islay next week;) It’s nice to have a dream John. Br, Mike

  2. I’m not sure you should be on 449 yet John, let alone thinking about 450 – the ID of the Cley peep seems far from 100% certain judging by the ongoing discussions on Birdforum!

  3. It won’t be Grey-tailed Tattler.

  4. thedrunkbirder

    It’s only for a laugh Andy…

  5. thedrunkbirder

    And you can shove your Merekats up your arse an’ all… I hate the fuckers.

    It’s quite interesting to read the debates of the Sandpiper. I’d love to know how many people posting have been to see it as a percentage. There’s plenty of ‘please ID it as I need Western/Semi-p’ requests on their… just fucking go or stay at home but stop fucking posting.

  6. Fucking low lister 😉

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