Snowgate – Top Artist Admits Snow Was Faked

After the shocking revelations that the BBC and the Frozen Planet team filmed a Polar Bear giving birth to her cubs in a Dutch Zoo and not a den in the High Arctic; The Drunkbirder can now reveal that a top British artist has faked snow on his e-Christmas card. Tightwad Andy Mackay aka The Leicester Llama tried saving money by not sending out cards this year and posted a lovely picture of a Kingfisher in the snow on his facebook page as well as shamelessly sending it by email to friends.

Kingfisher In The Snow

With little thought for the Christmas card economy or the needs of Nightjars to recolonise clear-fell areas Mackay cropped an image of the Kingfisher from an  image of his original, excellent painting and added the snow in Photoshop. The whole shocking truth of this deception was admitted by Mackay in the comments.


I spent last night trawling the internet and found the original painting. As of this morning in an email Mr Mackay sees little problem with his deception and refuses to withdraw the image and send out proper cards…

If you do want to buy some genuine artwork from Andy please visit his websites Wildlife Art by Andrew Mackay or Pet Portraits by Andrew Mackay.


6 responses to “Snowgate – Top Artist Admits Snow Was Faked

  1. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers, Hague….

  2. What a fraud and after all that mock outrage at a bit of bird stringing the other week, incredible double standards. One can only hope that now that he has been outed he ends up having to paint walls for a living.

  3. Well, I’d probably make more money doing that to be honest!!

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Andy… news in The Drunkbirder might be called in by the Leveson Inquiry into facebook hacking…

  5. Howard Broughton

    Certainly a disgrace; compare this shocking falsehood with the carefully crafted artwork on my own Christmas Greeting posted last night where nothing is false!!

  6. yeay, that’s the thanks you get for steering Andy the right direction on his Facebook arts page. They had fake snow on the Christmas parade herein Lima. I had to explain to the kids it was not real, and that in order for it to snow, it needs to be much colder than the 25 degrees Celcius outside. With the miserable weather you got in Britain surely Andy could have come up with some of the real stuff.

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