Mustang Sally

Met up with Sally Pepper from East Midlands Today at Cossington Meadows this afternoon to do some filming for Sally Goes Wild. We had arranged to film the Short-eared Owls on the reserve but in her main role as a weather presenter, I’d had an email yesterday warning of rain.

Undeterred Dave and I had met reserve warden Chris Hill at 12.00. We were soon joined by Sally and her team, producer Lydia and cameraman Adam. I don’t think we could believe our luck when Dave picked up the first of probably four but maybe even five or six Owls at 12.40. Adam got cracking on securing some good footage of the birds while we chatted and enjoyed the birds.

Short-eared Owl

All too soon we were doing walk-by bits to camera and loads of stuff I’d never considered would go into a two and a half minute slot.

Sally and Dave


I must admit that it’s pretty hard not to mug the camera when you know you’re being filmed as we did loads of takes looking at the birds, the Collins Bird Guide and even pretending to be looking at birds…

I also didn’t realise just how tight the crew have to be when recording trailers and teasers.

Tease me

Well a good day was had by all… a big thanks to Chris for allowing the crew to drive up the main track. The feature should go out at 18.30 this Thursday BBC1 East Midlands Today.

Sally and me

I always like a bit of music… so here’s a bit of classic Wilson Pickett with Mustang Sally.


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