Don’t Be Mean With The Beans Mum…

… cos Beans means ticks!

One of the beauties of working the NW Leicestershire patch is the variety of good birding habitat but one of the downsides is the occasionally flaky mobile phone signal, even in larger villages.

As a result I was driving through Coleorton when I got a text alerting me to two voicemails from Steve Lister. This could only really mean one thing… rare. I found somewhere to pull-in and found… no signal! I drove towards Thringstone and got a signal. Reports of a Bean Goose at Wanlip North and a negative news but confirmation of 18 European White-fronted Geese and a Pink-footed Goose with the feral Greylags. I rang Steve anyway to thank him for the heads-up to be greeted with news that he’d refound the Bean.

Excellent! I knew I wouldn’t need to divert too far off my journey home and I knew I had a good bit of daylight. I arrived on site to see Dave Gray’s and Allen Pocock’s cars parked up. I dashed up the path to the viewing mound to find them , along with Steve Lister and Pete Jessop. Allen soon had me onto the Tundra Bean Goose. Back of the net!

Anyone going to see the Geese park sensibly at Cossington Meadows and walk back towards Rothley just after crossing the River Soar take the footpath South to a raised bank looking East and ENE to view the Geese. Please note Wanlip North Gravel Pits are private with no access away from public footpaths.

Wanlip North Gravel Pits

An interactive map can be found here.

A big thanks to Steve Lister for getting the news out so quickly with Andy being away in York.


6 responses to “Don’t Be Mean With The Beans Mum…

  1. Not only being in York, but also forgetting to charge my phone last night, which meant that I didn’t get Steve’s message till we got back to the hotel this evening! Hopefully they’ll hang around for everyone who wants to see them.

  2. Back of the net!! Get In with the Bean, Pink-footed and 18+ White-fronted Geese this afternoon at Wanlip North! 🙂

  3. Arse, even County blockers are falling now 😉

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Not there this afternoon. Are you up for a trip out on Sat?

  5. Dave Bradley

    Glad you got the Bean, I found it on the 31/01/2012 with the White-fronts at 0945. Owing to communication problems couldn’t get the news out until the 1st of Feb, apologies for that.

  6. thedrunkbirder

    Yes – thanks Dave, seen it a few times now. Good county tick for many that one. Good find.

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