The Conference Calls – Gulls Special

My worst nightmare short of a tip full of Gulls… a Conference Call about Gulls.

The Conference Calls

Seriously though, I’m not that against Gulls, I’m just not that fussed about grilling through huge flocks of them and I know I should… maybe that’s what bugs me – I don’t pay Gulls enough attention and living in the East Midlands we get bugger all else of note.

The chat though was very good, even if everyone seemed to have a cold – due to being out watching Gulls I guess. Martin Garner was our guest and what he doesn’t know about Gulls isn’t worth knowing!

Download the podcast here.


2 responses to “The Conference Calls – Gulls Special

  1. Any man who says what you did about Ivory Gulls shouldn’t be allowed to comment IMO – disgraceful! (Ha, that should get a few extra people downloading the germ-ridden podcast eh John…LOL)

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Ivory Gull – pah! I enjoyed the White-tailed Eagle I ticked a few hours later far far more!

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