Wild Goose Chase

Monday was a better day so we headed out East but before we went birding, I wanted to have a look at Pull’s Ferry. Luckily we got a space with an hours’ free parking and headed off with the cameras.

Pull's Ferry

Pull's Ferry

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral

We decided to walk along the River to the Cow Tower. What do you think to this as a city for birds? Or just art?


Cow Tower

Leaving Norwich we headed, on advice from Neil Glenn, to Cantley to look for the Geese, we found the flocks without much difficulty but they were a bloody long way off in for from ideal lighting conditions. We tried to get closer but were thwarted by a no-entry sign into the marshes so we had to re-trace our tracks back to Burnt House Lane. Leigh picked up this Chinese Water Deer as I scoped the flocks of Taiga Bean Geese and European White-fronted Geese for our target species.

Chinese Water Deer

After a bit of searching a small goose with a large white blaze on its forehead popped up from within the closer flock of Taiga Beans… Lesser White-fronted Goose and the first I’d seen for almost 14 years. No surprises it was lifer for Leigh. Photography, even digiscoping was simply not an option.

Cantley Marshes RSPB

As we left, Leigh picked up a Green Woodpecker on the roof of a bungalow… a bit unexpected!


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