Rallus aquaticus

Sounds like a good name for a Swedish Black Metal band.

Out yesterday morning to see if there was anything interesting around as a result of the cold weather. The lakes at Watermead Country Park South were pretty much frozen with most of the wildfowl forced onto a bit of open water by the island.

The Mammoth

Watermead Country Park South

Watermead Country Park South

Dropping down from the Mammoth there were a couple of female Teal in the cut that acts as a storm drain. The light was pretty good so I started doing a bit of digiscoping.

Watermead Country Park South

Common Teal

As I was photographing the Teal I was aware of a couple of Moorhen in the cut but under all the brambles I noticed another movement… a Water Rail. Eventually, two Water Rail were feeding out in the open, clearly forced out of the reedbeds by the freezing temperatures.


Water Rail

Water Rail

Water Rail

Back on the main lakes I found another colour-ringed Black-headed Gull – white TC55 – that I assume is another Polish bird from Poznan.


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