Do The Poznan

On Friday after work I dropped in to Watermead Country Park South to have a look at was about and specifically have a look for colour-ringed Gulls. There were a few Black-headed Gulls wearing colour rings that Dave and I both recorded. A 1W bird was ringed with a white ring T5PP. This morning I got back some information on the bird which was ringed as a pullus at a site at J.Łęgowski, Wągrowiec near Poznań in Poland.

Black-headed Gull T5PP

On the map, the green arrow by the place marker marks the spot.

J.Łęgowski, Wągrowiec, Poznań

The bird was also reported by Steve Lister twice in December 2011 at Rutland Water.

Prior to this I had only ever heard of Poznań because of Lech Poznań and their now much copied goal celebrations that were started back in 1961.


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