Cottbus City Limits

Five of us took a train out from Berlin on Saturday for Cottbus, about 130km to the SE. Following a bit of advice from Michael Stoffl an ex pat, we bought a Brandenburg-Berlin ticket which allows five people to travel on ANY form of public transport in the Brandenburg state and Berlin area… that’s five of us and all for €28!

The RE2 Cottbus Express

Arriving in Cottbus we were a bit surprised by the numbers of riot police around and we did wonder whether this was the right game to go for. Today’s opponents were FC Erzgebirge Aue and we found out it was a derby match even though the city of Aue is some 210km to the SW of Cottbus… I doubt this would class as a derby game here.

Aue were in the late 50’s the dominant team in the DDR and played in Europe a few times. Cottbus by contrast have never achieved the same level of success but they did enjoy a few seasons in the Bundesliga following unification.



The Cottbus ultras take the centre section (Block H) of the North Stand and really do make some noise – all through the game – and, unlike English fans they always  seem to be behind the team/

German football fans are also a breed apart and there are still a few traditional fans, cut off denim jackets, patches and all.

Proper Fans

Block P

Block P, never got his name but he had Block P on his denim and we were in Block P was a real nice bloke, we had a discussion in broken German and broken English at half-time and in the end he bought Al and I a beer… can’t say fairer than that. The fact that German fans still often have the option to stand and they are happy to drink beer on the terraces speaks volumes for the sanitized English experience.

Darren, Richard, Al and Martin

Al and me

What an absolute cracking day out and all for less than €20 each. a 2-0 win to Cottbus too was a good result for them. Add to that a White-tailed Eagle NW of the village of Halle, from the train was bonus.


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  1. Great Title John.

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