If you found this looking for the Eminem film 8mm you’re in for a big disappointment. That’s because, as Leigh pointed out, Eminem’s film was 8 Mile and it was Steven Spielberg. No, a few days ago I downloaded the wonderful 8mm movie app for my iPhone and this weekend I got out and had a play. I also downloaded ReelDirector to edit films on the go. I’m not Scorcese and I’m not looking to win the palm D’or at Cannes, just have a bit of fun.

Rothley Station


2 responses to “8mm

  1. If it wasn’t for the modern clothes and cars, you could pass that off as having been taken in the 50s or 60s!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I’m hoping to do just that at some point… thanks for not pointing out my film mistake!

    I’ve some ideas about some ‘found footage’ films.

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