You’re Shit! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Leigh and I were watching She-Wolves about early English queens last night when it struck me just how awful early paintings were. The artists undoubtedly had talent but why oh why were the so crap at painting people?

Margaret of Anjou

This one probably resulted in a disembowelling!

Eleanor of Aquitane


3 responses to “You’re Shit! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  1. David Gray

    I could give you a lesson in the history of Art, but I wont!…

  2. Contrary to all of the historical records, Eleanor of Aquitane was actually a complete minger of her time with a withered hand. In fact, her looks inspired the well know phrase of day ‘she looketh like a Leper taking the urine from leaf of the spiny plant!’
    Bad as it is, that painting makes her look far more shaggable than she was, ensuring riches and a blow job for the artist (once he had grown up of course).

  3. Tim Allwood

    Looks like Brian May’s great great great etc Grandma

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