I’d barely put my bag down at work this morning when my mobile alerted me to a bit of bird news in the County, my bête noire… Great Grey Shrike near Plungar. I was stuck till at least 15.30 so I had to sweat it out. A few texts to the Llama confirmed news and gave a grid reference.

I checked the internet, looked at maps and waited… I was away as soon as possible and after an hours drive I arrived on site. A couple of Notts birders were there but the bird hadn’t been seen since early afternoon, worse still the farmer was crop spraying. I was thinking oh shit not again but in my mind I knew shrikes were nocturnal migrants so I just had to search – possibly the whole Vale of Belvoir…

After about 10 mins the birders and farmer departed both giving me a cheery wave. I was on my own until Steve James showed up at least. After a few scans of the hedges I noticed a familiar looking bird a couple of hedges away… YES! Great Grey Shrike OMFL! Steve James was soon with me and we enjoyed great views. Sadly it was often into the light and against a bright sky so photos weren’t easy.

Great Grey Shrike

I guess the bird could have been around for the winter but my guess is it’s making its  way back from wintering elsewhere. It was apparently found by a non-birder yesterday. Also present in the field was a smart looking Chiffchaff.

Steve James then insisted, no, forced me to follow him to Granby and proceeded to forcibly buy me a pint of Brewsters Hophead in the Brewery Tap the Marquis of Granby…

The Marquis of Granby


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