Lady Garganey

After work I decided to make the best of the weather by heading up into the extreme NE bit of Leicestershire… that pointy bit right at the top that eats into Nottinghamshire. The purpose – try and finally nail a few decent Garganey photos.

As I arrived Rod Baker and Roger Davis were just packing up  and informed me the birds had flushed and flown SE down the canal. I set off passing not a lot in the way of Garganey or decent Garganey habitat. I did pass plenty of butterflies with one Comma, two Peacock and a handful of Small Tortoiseshell seen. I decided after no luck to try the original site.

As I approached the feeding station a male Sparrowhawk dropped in for a Bunting takeout.

About 200m NE of the bridge I heard a familiar low, crackling call… got you! A superb drake Garganey.



The birds were quick to flush at any passing dog walker, the female was always much shyer preferring to stay in the rushes. They stayed pretty faithful though to a 500m stretch of water.



Back at the road the feeders were pretty busy with plenty of Yellowhammer and Reed Bunting joining the Chaffinch, House Sparrow and Tree Sparrow.

Reed Bunting





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