Friday The 13th

I had yesterday off on what is considered to be a unlucky day. In the morning Russell Parry and I had been at Manor Farm, Grace Dieu to survey the birds and check on some of the nest boxes that LROS had provided. One of the boxes in the orchard was being attended by a pair of nest building Great Tit while the Wagtail box in the marsh was occupied by a… Robin!

I returned home and started doing a few chores, I was just cutting the lawn when a text came in – BLACK-WINGED STILT at Rutland Water. Not everyday Andy’s news messages are in block capitals… must be good. After exchanging a few phone calls and grabbing a bite to eat I met Dave Gray in the car park at Rutty. A quick dash to Dunlin Hide on Lagoon IV and there it was, a stunning Black-winged Stilt.

Black-winged Stilt

Black-winged Stilt

Plenty of other migrants present including six Avocet, a couple of Little Ringed Plover and a stunning male Yellow Wagtail.

The last twitchable county record of Black-winged Stilt were two birds at Eyebrook Reservoir on 26 May 1945 so this one was well twitched. After extensive research The Drunkbirder has unearthed a photo of one of the 1945 birds.

Black-winged Stilt

Walking back to the cars, Dave and I stopped off the look at the captive bred Snake’s Head Fritillary population. The BFG are still to accept these Fritillaries as free-flowering.

Snake's Head Fritillary

Snake's Head Fritillary

Snake's Head Fritillary


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