Great Central Railway

A bit jaded this morning so early afternoon I headed out to the Great Central Railway to do a bit of filming.

Rothley Station

In the first of the two films we see English Electric Type 1 Diesel Electric D8098 at Rothley. We then have a look round at Loughborough Central before the signalman clears the road for D8098 to arrive at Platform 1 and then run round.

In the second film Stanier 8F 48624 in fictional LMR Crimson Lake livery (why the hell do preservationists paint locomotives in fictional liveries… just stop it fellas) again seen at Rothley and Loughborough Central stations.


4 responses to “Great Central Railway

  1. Nice bit of film John,, very nostalgic. I agree re. the livery too, 8F’s should always be black and grubby,, thats how we remember them ! Do you ever get up to the Rail Ale Festival here in Chesterfield?? One of the best beer festivals around, a few locos in steam and over 100 beers to go at,plus a free shuttle bus from Chesterfield station,, it doesn’t get much better!!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I have been once Kev but it usually coincides with me doing something else… when is it this year? Just checked and it’s on when we go to Spain.
    The GCR Beer Festival is usually on around my birthday and is again this year.

  3. Its always the middle weekend in May,,just when its right for birding in Spain!!,,,, lol,,,I’ve always arranged my trips to Extremadura around it tho,,, best of both worlds or whatever,,

  4. thedrunkbirder

    We’re heading for Extremadura too. Be there on the 21st for five nights.

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