What Did I expect?

I emailed my MEPs the other day about the plight of migrant birds in Malta and in the main I got positive feedback from most of them, remember we use proportional representation in EU elections so we can get anyone, whether we necessarily agree with them or not.

The one response I got that really took me aback was this gem of indifference from Derek Clark the UKIP MEP. I want to send a reasoned response, I have some ideas in mind but I wondered what anyone reading my blog might want to add…

Derek Clark MEP

Thank you for your message.

The shooting of birds on Malta is a long running story.  It concerns not
only Malta but coastal regions of Italy and elsewhere around that part of
the Mediterranean where birds of passage are shot down in considerable
numbers.  It is, I understand, a right of passage into manhood when
youngster brings down his first bird.  So it’s a cultural thing and very
difficult to eradicate.

The EU brought in legislation to ban it well over ten years ago but it is
not implemented at the local level.  Police in those areas simply turn a
blind eye and none of the locals make a complaint because it’s part of their
way of life.

As regards taking action I have to say that regrettable though this practice
may be it is not for me to interfere.  As you may know UKIP advocates
withdrawal from the EU primarily because we reject EU interference in our
affairs.  I will not therefore try to interfere in the affairs of other
countries.  They must sort the things out for themselves and if they want to
be regarded as brutal then it is their own lookout.

Kind regards

Derek Clark MEP

Well – what do you think?

Personally, it pisses me off that UKIP are happy to spend EU money sitting in the EU Parliament… maybe we should insist they at least do SOMETHING to earn that money!


3 responses to “What Did I expect?

  1. Hi John,

    I wish this response surprised me, though it seems a typical of the lethargy of politicians when it comes to tackling any contravening of the EU wildlife protection laws. It seems it is easier for these clearly ethics-shy individuals to turn a blind eye than actually do what is required of them.
    What puzzles me is Derek Clark’s reasoning for ‘not interfering’ as he puts it. He seems to think the issue is what reputation Malta has, rather than the fact that what the hunters are doing is clearly disgraceful, unethical and illegal! I wonder if he would have the same opinion if they were stoning their women!
    I think that your last point is very relevant, What the hell are UKIP doing as EMP’s if they are not prepared to do anything!

  2. Laurence Drummond

    They’re riding the gravy train that they claim to despise,if the EU was about anything it should have been able to stop the shooting years ago.

  3. This is the big problem with nationalistic cretins like UKIP. They’re so wrapped up in the idea of ‘countries’ that they are incapable of grasping the fact that birds don’t respect our completely artificial boundaries. Did you make the point in your original email that the actions of hunters on Malta are affecting ecosystems (and thus ultimately humans) throughout Europe, including the UK? Maybe he might start to get some dim understanding of the problem if it’s made clear to him that the Maltese hunters are shooting ‘British’ birds? I know that’s not the right way to think about it, but it might at least be a way in to that sort of insular mindset.

    Tristan asks whether Derek Clark would have the same opinion if they were stoning their women – if he’s consistent in his thinking on ‘independence’ and not ‘interfering’ in other countries’ affairs, then yes he probably would, but it might be a different matter if they were stoning British women who went to Malta!

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