Savi’s Orange Beanie

I had a day off work today but I knew I had chores, we had a furniture delivery at 07.20 which meant some self-assembly for me. I had a few other things to take care of too, the electrician was coming round to take a look at some work we needed doing, we’ve now got a working shower… if you can call the pathetic dribble working.

Twitter news came in this morning of another Llama prediction a Savi’s Warbler at Rutland Water – this time it was actually viewable. I got over to Rutland at about 14.30 and headed round to Crake Hide after congratulating the finder, Steve Lister.

Viewing was interesting with some blown down fencing making up an unusual step ladder arrangement. Luckily I got stood next to my nemesis… Orange Beanie Hat Twat, though today he’d ditched the headgear.

The Drunkbirder vs Orange Beanie

After a short wait the bird gave a few snatches of song and proceeded to show reasonably well whilst still skulking in the reeds and Willow scrub. Excellent Savi’s Warbler, 241 for the County.

Savi’s Twitch

I stood down to let others in and headed off to Plover Hide on lagoon IV with Steve James. Here I got to test out my new Nikon Coolpix P310… I’m pretty impressed so far. I will try and post some results tomorrow.

Before heading home I stopped in at Wanlip Meadows to watch an Avocet in the rain…


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