The X Files

Isn’t it funny how things happen, and generally I’m not given much to spooky happenings, but today was just freaky and it felt like I’d discovered my very own X File. Leigh had been away in Edinburgh for the weekend and had apologised as some water had gotten into the old Nikon Coolpix P5100. Not to worry as I’m sure it would dry out – it did – and the photos would be safe on the SD card.

This afternoon after a couple of days drying out, I popped the battery back n and – yes – the camera worked. At this point there was no SD card in and as it had been off I had to reset the date and time. I then pushed the menu button and there were 20 odd photos on the camera memory… what an earth could they be of? I scrolled through…

Wind back almost two years and Leigh and I holidayed in the UK in Wiltshire and Pembrokeshire. Whilst in Wiltshire, we had visited Avebury on a very wet, dismal day. As the weather improved – a bit – we decided to visit the nearby Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill. I took a series of photos there in various weathers in and around the barrow… and then the camera threw a wobbly and all the images from there were lost. Really weird and we joked about Druids and the like messing with us for photographing around their sacred places…

Silbury Hill

… today those photos were returned! A real case for Mulder and Scully.

Silbury Hill

Kennet Long Barrow

Kennet Long Barrow

Kennet Long Barrow

There was plenty of wildlife around the barrow between the showers though I hadn’t taken the DLSR out due to the rain so the Corn Buntings went unrecorded.

Common Blue

7-spot Ladybird

White Campion

Ox-eye Daisy

Finally a bit of Catatonia… I love Cerys Matthews.


One response to “The X Files

  1. My brother is a ‘new ager’ and tells me stuff like that happens around Stonehenge all the time – to the point where, he swears, English Heritage staff at the monuments are specially selected not to be thorough sceptics/non-psychic, etc

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