Ooh! You Little Bustard

Belen Plains


We’ve finally arrived at the beach and have steady WiFi… though unless I find the adaptor for the plug not much battery on the netbook. I felt it was time for a blog post. With Leigh having a lay-in it took me back to the 24 May when I had a free morning around Trujillo. I had started my morning on the Belen Plains, just East of the town. This has to be one of the best Extramaduran sites. First off the blocks was this flock of 14 (distant) Great Bustard.

Great Bustard

From where I stood, I was soon listening to the call of Little Bustard… if you’ve never heard it, it’s like a wet fart – seriously. The birds though can be maddeningly difficult to locate but eventually I teased out, probably 11 males and one female.

Little Bustard

Never easy to see, or get near, digiscoping was the only answer.

A great start to a cracking day in the field… only marred by my continuing to dip out on Eagle Owl.


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