Hairy Bikers

Not really – just a pathetic attempt to use the tubby cooks to get a few more hits. No after getting back from Spain on Friday night chances to get out had been limited. I managed a few hours down at Watermead yesterday with Dave Gray but that was about it. I’d wanted to do some insect photography this weekend but weather updates in Spain via the Llama weren’t promising. This morning the sun was due to shine and in small part it did. I wasn’t convinced the air temperatures were good enough for any Dragonfly action but undeterred I set off for Barkestone-le-Vale and the Grantham Canal at Jericho Bridge.

Jericho Bridge

A walk East showed that at least a few Butterflies were active with Green-veined White and Orange Tip on the wing. After a while I started noting a few Damsels but it was windy and getting photos wasn’t going to be easy. I had Variable Damselfly in very good numbers, a few Azure Damselfly and a handful of Large Red Damselfly.

male Variable Damselfly

female Variable Damselfly

Nice as they are, the Damsels weren’t why I was here. I wanted Hairy and sure enough when I found a likely looking spot and the sun was out long enough at least three male Hairy Dragonfly started to patrol the pool.

Hairy Habitat

Hairy Habitat

The males never settled and shot off whenever the sun went in and I was unable to locate any of them roosting. Curiously though, when it was cloudy this was when a female approached the pool and started ovipositing. Is this normal I wonder? Maybe a way of avoiding the males? I managed a few shots, the last two, whilst not being very good, do show the female disappearing.

Hairy Dragonfly

Hairy Dragonfly

Hairy Dragonfly

The cloud started to thicken, raining as I drove through Plugar, so I gave up and headed back to the car. On the way my last Damselfly photo is of one about to be lunch for Reed Bunting chicks.

Reed Bunting


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