Larking Around

I’ve started getting around to sorting out some photographs from this years holiday. I thought we’d start with a bird you just can’t fail to see in Extramadura – well Andalusia as well judging by the numbers you flush from the roadside – Crested Lark.

Crested Lark

Crested Lark

Next up what I reckon is a Thekla Lark not the best for ID I know but that bill looks too hefty for Crested to me but if you know better. We did have plenty of Thekla but they were pretty flighty.

Thekla Lark

Finally, we come to the Daddy of all the Spanish Larks and my favourite (I haven’t tried for or dipped on Dupont’s yet)… Calandra Lark.

Calandra Lark

Calandra Lark


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