The Name’s Pond… James Pond!

The pond is dead, long live the pond.

After our recent house move I was without a garden pond but I had already planned ahead and brought some of my plants with us in readiness for a new pond. This time however I wasn’t going to be digging… oh no! The new pond is in an old galvanised tin bath. It was picked up from the parcels office on Thursday afternoon and that evening I got to work creating a 10 minute pond.

Just arrived

Settling in

A nice shady spot

Break up an old flagstone

Pop in the plants…

… just add water

Now the pond has settled down a bit, I popped over to Naturescape after work yesterday for some oxygenators and a few other bits, I will mess around till I’m happy with it; I think I need a few rocks in there and a bit of old timber to allow the birds to drink and other wildlife to gain access and egress as things develop.

Hopefully, if we ever get a summer, it might attract a few Odes so fingers crossed.


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