Mellow Yellow

After a bit of information from LROS President, Jim Graham, I stopped off for lunch at Orton-on-the-Hill to try and get some footage of the Yellow Wagtails around the area. Laying on the border between Leicestershire and Warwickshire the farmland around the area looks pretty much and agri-desert but looks can be deceptive as there seems to be a strong population of Yellow Wagtail in the area. I certainly had three males, two females and now I’ve reviewed the video footage two recently fledged juveniles (the one that appears about 18 seconds into the film was a fair way from the other I saw). Corn Bunting also hangs on out here, due probably to the Barley being farmed. I had a singing male and a bird carrying food.


Yellow Wagtail

Just for completeness… a bit of Donovan.


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