In The City

Following a tip-off from Dave Gray, Leigh and I dropped in to a local park this lunchtime to have a look at the Bee Orchids in the wildflower meadow by Ethel Road. In contrast to previous years there has been a great display, Dave counted 22 spikes.

Bee Orchid

It’s amazing that our City parks have such wonderful wildlife given the Government cuts, and I’m talking this evil Tory ConDem Government who seem to what to sap every last drop of blood and enjoyment from people, not the City Council who are forced by Central Government into draconian cuts.

Please go along and admire the flowers but please… leave them alone for others to enjoy and also tell the Council what a great job they are doing.

Bee Orchid

The ponds held a male Emperor Dragonfly and a pair of Broad-bodied Chaser as well as a few Common Blue Damselfly. A real rarity was a Small White butterfly… it really has been awful for butterflies so far.

Back at home the Brown Hawker was in the garden for a second day.

For music lovers everywhere, The Jam inspired the blog title… well who else really?


2 responses to “In The City

  1. The first and still my fav single !!!

  2. David Gray

    John can you remove the location, as in the last couple of years somebody has tried to dig them up!!

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