The Quarrymen

After the rubbish summer so far and a few emails back and forth to Skev, I decided to head to Ketton Quarry this morning to see if there were any signs of Hornet Moth emerging… there weren’t! Clearly Skev had the same and I eventually found him by the Donkey Paddock swishing his net. In the Donkey Paddock, I had come upon an Adder but the only shot of it was a blurred tail disappearing… bugger. Plenty of wildflowers and a few butterflies such as Ringlet and Meadow Brown were on the wing as it warmed up.

Daisy sp.


We decided to go and check out the reports of a rare flower for VC55 and headed off via the cutting to an area of Beech Woodland, stopping off to photograph Yellow Wort and Common Spotted Orchid.

Yellow Wort

Common Spotted Orchid

Arriving at our destination our target was pretty easy to find with well over 100 spikes of Yellow Bird’s Nest. What a stunning, sorry – crap plant… almost as dull as Bird’s Nest Orchid. Why are the rarest plants so often so ugly? It’s not even yellow!

Yellow Bird’s Nest

Suitably stunned we headed off towards the Bat Cave, stopping off for a few Southern Marsh Orchid and some past their best Common Twayblade.

Southern Marsh Orchid

Six-spot Burnet Moth

We hung about in the glade hoping for a Silver-washed Fritillary but were disappointed. Plenty of other insects about though with Marbled White on the wing and a Burnet Companion moth. Skev tracked down this small pink-phase Grasshopper sp. the likes of which neither of us had seen before and which I hope Skev can ID.

Grasshoper sp.

After trying and failing again we headed off to see if we might find any Scarlet Tiger Moth, no such luck but we did have a female Broad-bodied Chaser. Suddenly with the Olympics on the horizon I became all patriotic thinking of the stunning(ly naff) opening ceremony directed by Danny Boyle (Oh Danny Boy… what have you done). I was made to think about this by the way British Farmers care for and enhance our beautiful British countryside…

Britain’s Countryside – Cared For By Farmers

Britain’s Countryside – Cared For By Farmers

Heading back to the car park this Common Lizard (well two) played hard to get as did another snake… possibly another Adder.

Common Lizard

I left Skev about 11.30 to head for home, stopping just before North Luffenham for this wonderful display of Poppies.

Poppies, North Luffenham

I thought to close, I’d pop on a tune from that wonderful Skiffle band The Quarrymen… you never hear of them now – I wonder what became of them?



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