Get Me Out Of Here… I’m A Celebrity

As Tracy Morrow said in 1991 ‘I’m back muddy funster!’

So… Birdfair – that annual institution in British birding has been and gone and what did I think? Hot, hot and sticky and not terribly exciting. There were some really good bits… meeting up with celebrity birder and Radio 3 stalwart Tom McKinney was a real highlight and oh how the crowds flocked to his talk in the events marquee…

The Tension Mounts

Get Me Out Of Here… I’m A Celebrity

Saturday morning and things took an unexpected turn when Dave’s TwatNav took us underwater…


Thankfully Dave’s new car turns into a submarine… he bought it from Network Q or some such dealer.

Once we’d dried off we did our turn on the LROS stand. The good thing about Birdfair is meeting up with members and non-members alike. It’s a bit like Scilly without he birds.

The LROS Stand

After our stint on the stand we headed off to see Mark Constantine’s excellent talk on his new book Catching The Bug, a review of which will follow soon.

Catching The Bug


2 responses to “Get Me Out Of Here… I’m A Celebrity

  1. Was that really the temperature of the water at 08:16!!!

  2. thedrunkbirder


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