Spotted… A Crake

I was heading home up the A6 today when I received a hatful of messages telling me there was a Spotted Crake at Birstall Meadows… in exactly the place I knew one would eventually turn up. Problem was it wasn’t me who found it Damn! Damn damn damn!

I arrived to find Dave and Ken already there with the bird having just disappeared. After a long wait it showed briefly before I had to head off. A short while later I was again joining Dave and Jim Graham at Cossington Meadows to look for the Redstart. The only chat we got was a Whinchat on the Lower Moor before the rains came.

Spotted Crake Map

There’s A Storm Coming

Earlier in the day I dropped in to Kelham Bridge for my lunch break where a pair of Little Grebe were feeding four juveniles. Also there were for Green Sandpiper. 

Little Grebe

Little Grebe

Little Grebe

Green Sandpiper


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