Just Chatting

After dipping out on the Redstart at Cossington Meadows last night I was down there again at 06.30 this morning, and what a beautiful morning it was. The Whinchat was a bit closer than last night but often elusive in the grass (see the video clip) but was lit wonderfully by the soft morning light.



The 1W/F type Redstart was quickly found as it fed along the main track, typically flying up into the hedge and sitting quite low down. I often wonder how many times Redstart gets overlooked?


As I headed back to the car to go and meet Dave, to try for the Crake again, this Red Admiral was catching some early sun. No sign of the Crake in a couple of visits today though it has been ‘seen!’

Red Admiral




2 responses to “Just Chatting

  1. Super clip of the Whinchat John, is it an approachable bird?

  2. Hiya Paul, sorry for the delay. That was video-digiscoped at 30x. They are/were pretty bloody elusive in the grass.

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