Monkey Magic

After a summer of delays the new Drunkbirder HQ opened in Loughborough. The Drunkbirder has been based in a few pubs since moving to Leicester in 1993, first was the Crown & Thistle and later The Orange Tree (and its predecessor The Haunch of Venison) before settling for a while at The Criterion. A combination of factors though meant The Crit was used less (the pizzas weren’t as good and their appearance more erratic coupled with an over reliance on Milestone’s tasteless beers). A house move from Birstall to Quorn also meant a new purpose-built headquarters was urgently needed.

Step in the Blue Monkey Brewery who bought the Old Pack Horse Inn in Loughborough. A slow conversion into a suitable place for a birder to get drunk then took place. The brewery had hoped to open in late June but a lot more work was required than first thought to meet the exacting standards of today’s Drunkbirders.

Drunkbirder HQ

Last night our dreams were finally realised when The Organ Grinder opened its door to a thirsty group of birders. Leigh and I met up with Steve James and Em (plus a few other friends old and new) to officially open our account.

Some Birders Getting Drunk

With a full range of Blue Monkey beers on I eschewed the ‘regulars’ and tried beers from the rest of the range. I wasn’t to be disappointed by any the IPA at 4.9% was a real cracker and 99 Red Baboons (is it a Mild? Is it a Porter?) at 4.2% and full of flavour, who cares?

The Bar

Proper food is available with a selection of pastry products on sale ranging from Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies, Stilton-topped Pork Pies and a lovely looking Hunters Pie. For the health conscious there is also a Black Pudding Pie. A range of veg is also available for the non meat-eater in the form of crisps and nuts.

Don’t like real ale? Well there’s a cracking range of craft beers in keg that will feature Brew Dog and Magic Rock beers, Belgian, German beers and a few ciders. A great range of bottled beers and a cracking wine list are also available with soft drinks and mixers by Fentemans. Now if that doesn’t tempt you – you’re a right cunt with no taste and you might as well fuck off to a Yate’s Wine Lodge.

Plans are afoot to organise a meeting of birders from the East and West Midlands with a warm welcome extended to birders from all over the world.

So far the pubs bird list is 0.


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