New DEFRA Cull Announced

Buoyed by the success of the Ruddy Duck eradication plan but stung by the angry response from just about everyone over his Buzzard control plan, rich Grouse Moor owner and sometime Minister for the Environment (I know – it really would be funny if it weren’t true) Richard Benyon has announced a  new cull that many Birders might actually support. The eradication of all those dodgy escaped Geese polluting the good stock of all those other escaped Geese namely the much loved Canada Geese and Greylags that shit everywhre and drive every other breeding waterbird away for miles around.

Mutant Goose

The Drunkbirder was yesterday allowed to witness the initial trials at Cossington Meadows. I have to say the results were pretty spectacular.


One response to “New DEFRA Cull Announced

  1. mmm quite harsh but very effective lol !!!

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