I’ve Got Wood

Up and out quite early this morning for a spot of vismigging at Deans Lane before work. Initially not much to write home about, a steady passage of Meadow Pipits, a small group of Siskin was about it.
At 08.04 I picked up a soft, liquid too-leet call coming from a lone bird that was just ahead of a group of three Meadow Pipit… a Woodlark, a fucking Woodlark! The Holy Grail for me as a County vismigger was heading my way. As tempted as I was to jump up and down I had only 15-20 seconds to get enough on the bird for a description. Fortunately, apart from a distinctive call, Woodlark has a classic fieldmark… a large black Carpal Patch with a pair of white Headlights – check! Oh yes, white edges to a short tail, yep; white tip to tail, check; short, broad, rounded wings – oh yes! Chestnut ear-coverts? Yes – back of the net! Time for a little Woodlark dance.
Anyone who knows me must know I cannot dance, it’s physically impossible but I really, really wanted to share that little dance this morning. I’m still feeling elated.
I gave up to head off to work just before 08.45 when the farmers turned up to bale what I assume is now called Haylage.


Woodlark takes me to 242 for the County, pulling me clear of Richard Fray… mind you, Richard has lived in Arizona for years. That’s how hard County ticks are in Leicestershire and Rutland.


4 responses to “I’ve Got Wood

  1. Well done. Never ticked that in the 17 years I lived at Quorn. So excited, you didn’t say WHERE! Is the view up above Woodhouse Eaves?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    It was Deans Lane.

  3. Ten years in November, in fact. Only took you a decade to catch up…

  4. thedrunkbirder

    I only really started county listing with any sort of seriousness about 5 years ago… quite a few bits I let go that I know regret.

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