Birthday Wishes

I’m currently sat at home on my birthday doing nothing more than reading the papers – I know I should be out in the field but fuck it! It’s my day let the birds come to me. My best chance today might be in inland Skua but that’s not what this post is about.

My last British tick was Western Sandpiper back in December 2011, the only bird I’ve needed so far this year was the Orphean Warbler and I was in Spain. So with autumn migration hotting up I need a big one for my 450th, so – what’ll it be? I’ve whittled down a list of my six most wanted birds currently on the BOU list.

1. Yellow-breasted Bunting


Photo by Richard Dunn

Once a pretty regular if rare bird, recent declines means this species I thought I’d mop up has become a mega rarity. Dipped one on St Agnes – I know Neil, yes we should have gone a day earlier.

2. Yellow-rumped Warbler


A real favourite of mine from Canada. Not been a twitchable one for some time. I’d love one on Scilly this October.

3. Eastern-crowned Warbler


Photo by Craig Shaw

Ouch! This one hurts. Dipped it by a day because I went to find my own rares in Lincolnshire.

4. Common Nighthawk


World ticked this in 2011 in British Columbia but sadly that doesn’t allow it onto my British list.

5. Great Snipe


Photo by Mark Thomas

Another big dip – went for the displaying adult at Cley only for it not to show that night. A big regret was not twitching the one at Sandwell Valley.

6. Blackburnian Warbler


Photo by Will Miles

This really is my dream bird to find. It’s the one bird I always have in my search image as I step onto Scilly every year. To find this would make my year! I can always dream…


7 responses to “Birthday Wishes

  1. Well 5 & 6 will do me, but we will do our best to find any of your top 4 from the 6th as well!! But why no Parula??? Yellow-rumped is long overdue, after the long stayer on Tresco in 95, also blagged the Nov 94 one in Bristol.
    Nighthawk interesting scenario as apart from the deceased one in 08, again long over due on the Scillies!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Don’t get me wrong Parula would be great. A World tick even but there’s been one recently. A more controversial omission I would have thought would be Eyebrowed Thrush. It was tough to drop that one.

  3. as long as you enjoy john,any new self founds a bonus these days,around 300 at the min.,still need ring billed gull and buff breasted sand,so I keep plugging away in S Wales.
    good birding Bernie

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Bernie.

  5. Would a Magnolia do?

  6. thedrunkbirder

    It would John but I ain’t twitching Fair Isle… that’s going TOO far.

  7. Agreed John, we will just have to find the equivalent when on Scilly 😉

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