Weather With You

Like the Llama and the Pie Man, I get a bit obsessed with weather charts at this time of year. As I think has been said before Magic Seaweed is our forecasting website of choice as it gives the longest range of any free website. As I’m off to The Isles of Scilly on Saturday I’ve been having a look at what’s happening. Bearing in mind we’re a long way off in meteorological time I’m looking at some favourable light SE winds coming in on Saturday and Sunday. I know birds can seemingly appear in all conditions but SE winds do seem best for Scilly… Eyebrowed Thrush anyone?

Winds 7 October 2012


3 responses to “Weather With You

  1. Anything other than persistent north-westerlies is OK for Scilly. Eyebrowed Thrush? You can have one of mine. I’ve seen three.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Excellent. Thanks Andy, that’s 450 and I’ve not even moved from the sofa. I can offer 20 mins of Sandhill Crane in return.

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