Not News

I had to laugh out loud this afternoon when I read this.


On Shetland at this time of year just about every twig has at least one Yellow-browed Warbler on it. If you are birding Shetland and you can’t ID a Yellow-browed either by sight or on call you should be dumped in Sullom Voe!

Jesus wept!


2 responses to “Not News

  1. Fucking pathetic. If this is indicative of the sort of bellends who are on Shetland at the moment, I’m glad I didn’t go this year, and I’m seriously considering not going next year either, at least in October. Also, the number and frequency of reminders about birders’ behaviour is getting depressing. It will be unforgiveable if a few fuckwit twitchers destroy what has until now been an excellent relationship between birders and Shetland residents just for the sake of a few tart’s ticks on their stupid lists.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Totally depressing Andy.

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