Hang Out The Bunting

After a short delay at Land’s End International Airport and a bit of a bumpy landing at St Mary’s it was time to get amongst the birds. I retrieved my scope from Desert Storm, who’d brought it on the boat and made my decision – I wasn’t going to Tresco for the Sykes’s Warbler.


Picking up Chris Baines we headed up to the airfield to have a look at the Buff-breasted Sandpiper and whatever else was up there. It was proper windy on the airfield which made getting any sort of shot tricky… digiscoping was doubly bloody hard. A few Wheatear were playing fast and loose, teasing me with great poses, then dropping off the rocks after Crane Flies.


After a quick chat with Dick Filby I decided to go and have a look at the Ortolan Bunting by the Golf Course. It wasn’t showing when I got there and with viewing tough I did think ‘fuck it!’ On my way home I bumped into Dave Mack who twisted my arm into trying again. This time we were more successful, the Ortolan Bunting showing well in a field just beyond Juliet’s Garden. Getting any sort of digiscoped shot was tough as it fed in the grass. The scope was also at full-height on the tripod with the barrel rotated down for viewing.


The ASBO’s turned up with Stevie Dunn sweeping into the lead with two lifers as he got the Bunting in my scope. Final shot of the day was this cracking Small Copper by the coast path. Dave Mack and I finished off with a couple of excellent Betty Stoggs Green Hop in the Scillonian.



One response to “Hang Out The Bunting

  1. Could you possibly drop anymore names into one blog post? 😉

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