A History Of Birding In 20 Toilets

1) The Bishop and Wolf, Hugh Town, St Mary’s.


Back in the naughties when The Pie Man had long given up on Scilly, The Leicester Llamas used to stay on Tresco and do things like find rares. Sadly the hermits life on Tresco didn’t suit all the Llamas and Rob occasionally ventured over to the bright lights of Hugh Town for a bit of R&R.

Once ashore he would mop up a few trip ticks and then join The Drunkbirders for a night on the lash. This often consisted of a session in The Atlantic, the early birder menu at the Pilot’s Gig restaurant, an unmissable trip to the log and a few Shandies in the Bishop. Often these sessions got out of hand probably due to the excitement of watching a load of sweaty twats having some kind of pissing contest over Goldfinch counts down at the log.

On one fateful trip Rob vanished in the Bishop and Wolf only to relocated trying to mop vomit down in the toilets… ‘it must’ve been the Shark!’


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