Rock It

I know I’m getting sad when I was on Scilly and looking forward to getting back on the patch for a vismigging session. I’ll be honest and say that I was also looking forward to a breakfast at McDonalds, so, after scraping ice off the car I met up with Dave at 07.15 to have a spot of brekkie. Once at the Mammoth things were slow to get going. A few Redwing showed some early promise from that species (not to be).

Things started to hot up when a flock of 120 Starling shot through. By now the Skylark passage was picking up with a steady SW passage. Today’s passage of 119 was the third highest from the Mammoth but falling way short of the 166 on the same date last year.

At 10.05 though I picked up a much smaller Lark heading SW close to Birstall village with a group of six Skylark. Dave and I are pretty sure it was a Woodlark but we were too distant to hear it call or be definite about the upperwing. We were 99% but sadly no cigar. Ten minutes later though we picked up the distinctive call of a Rock Pipit heading SSE and straight over us.

All the results are on Trektellen. Having just looked at the records from Deans Lane (Beacon Hill) and Bardon Hill they recorded less than 50 Skylark between them. Steve Lister and I have discussed this before but it seems Skylarks prefer migrating down the Soar Valley to going ‘over the top.’

Back at the cars, Dave picked up a colour ringed Black-headed Gull – white J2KT. We both got a few photos. A quick search reveals it was ringed in Norway, full details to follow.



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