Bad Motor Scoter

After work I took a quick detour to Swithland Reservoir to try for the drake Common Scoter that had been around. Arriving on the dam, I quickly picked up an eclipse drake Goldeneye and a female close to the overflow. Joining Norman Hall and Paul Fossey we were frustrated by the strong light and the wind which was creating seawatch like conditions. Rhys Dandy soon joined us and picked up a female Tufted Duck with a Sky Blue nasal saddle. I’m pretty sure the central letter is A and the sides 4K.


I moved round Kinchley Lane to try and get the photos – digiscoping was the order of the day. At this point I thought I’d try a new angle to look for the Common Scoter and soon picked it up at some distance. Knowing it was a County lifer for Rhys I tried to phone him but he was trying to ring me having also found the bird.

I’ve emailed off my sighting of the Tufty and hope to report back soon.

A couple of versions of the classic Bad Motor Scooter, which is your favourite? The original?

Or Sammy Hagar’s version?


2 responses to “Bad Motor Scoter

  1. Both?
    Wasn’t Sammy Hagar in Montrose?
    I saw him at De Montfort Hall in the very early 80’s – a great show and a fantastic rendition of Bad Motor Scooter


  2. thedrunkbirder

    Too young to have seen Montrose but I too saw Sammy Hagar in the early 80s. Space Station Number 5 was another Montrose/Hagar classic.

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