Great! Skua!

After a duff morning and a seemingly long day at work I was looking forward to kicking back this evening. Leigh had a Corned Beef Hash in the oven and all seemed set fair for a bit of chilling. Then not much more than an hour ago the LROS Twitter feed went off… Great Skua at Swithland Reservoir! Oh bollocks!


A mad dash up Wood Lane, I must do a Rally Driving course, and I was soon screeching to a halt along Kinchley Lane. Thankfully Steve Lister, the finder and Jez Robson were watching the bird as it plucked a Lesser Black-backed Gull it had killed. Get in! Great Skua on my County list! More listers arrived including Dave Gray, Colin Green and Neil Hagley to admire the bird through the gloom.

As I left the bird was seen to fly and I don’t know if they relocated it. The male Common Scoter (or a new bird) was also (re)found by Steve as he looked in vain for a Phalarope. I have some very gloomy video that I’ll try and post later.


2 responses to “Great! Skua!

  1. yep it’s was there until Dusk at the very least!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I’ll be there early morning then see if I can get better views.

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