Thrush as in birds not as in the nasty fungal infection that needs treating with yoghurt or something like that, maybe Cranberry juice? Who knows.
This morning Dave and I braved a biting Northerly wind to log an impressive 2275 Fieldfare past the Mammoth… only to be eclipsed by The Leicester Llama who had a flock of around 2000 go over his garden!

Afterwards Dave headed off to chase shadows or even lost causes, a Lap Bunt at Eyebrook to be fair! I went home to do chores and hinder Leigh’s preparations for her Halloween party tonight. During football Dave text about a Yellow-legged Gull at WCPS – no way! He then text about a Common Scoter – ok, I’ll go for that.


Fifteen minutes later I was trying to digiscope the Common Scoter in falling light. Still a cracking bird and not showing as much yellow as the Swithland Reservoir bird.


A nice moon as well as the sun sank lower in the sky.



On the way home I caught a glimpse of a Tawny Owl in a roadside bush just outside Mountsorrel. A nice end to the day…


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