What Did You Do In The War Daddy?

With the ongoing furore about Jimmy Savile I was interested to read this piece on the Guardian website from last week. Sir Roger Gale MP spoke up in Parliament to say director general George Entwistle, who is barely a month into his new role, and BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten may have to “fall on their swords” over the affair because the ‘Auntie knows best’ line simply does not wash any more.”

There was a point where you think Sir Roger might just be right. Me agreeing with a Tory, that will never do. So after listening to last weeks News Quiz on Radio 4 I was minded to do a bit more digging.

Sir Roger Gale MP

I see from Sir Roger Gale’s Wikipedia page that he might have more of an interest than others when the shit starts flying. Sir George might want to deflect that shit because he might end up in front of, and I very much hope he does, a public or even judicial inquiry. Why? Well reda Sir George’s wiki page for yourself or if you can’t be bothered here are a couple of choice bits from his past. After a short career in Pirate Radio – the only MP do so but not the only ‘Sir’ he joined the BBC and became Director of BBC Children’s Television from 1976 to 1979… just at the time that Sir Jimmy was diddling kids and seemingly ‘everyone’ knew what was going on.

Over to you Sir Roger…


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