The Trees

There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees

Ash Dieback courtesy of Suffolk Wildlife Trust

So as I’m sure no will will have missed the news that Ash Dieback Disease has hit Britain and many of our Ash trees are under threat from the fungus Chalara fraxinea. Ash Dieback has decimated many trees in Denmark and there are fears it could happen here. Those paragons of virtue in DEFRA have come up with a cunning plan though… if you go walking in the woods when you come home you should:
Wash your boots
Your clothes
Your motorcycle – oops sorry wrong film
Your dog
Your kids
Your pants

For fucks sake is this the best plan DEFRA can come up with? Surely there’s Richard Benyon saying let’s lock the countryside down so we can slaughter all the Birds of Prey – don’t laugh – look what the landowners did under the cover of foot and mouth!

Ah well, here’s a bit of Rush to lighten the mood.


9 responses to “The Trees

  1. This is a classic case of government wanting to be seen to be doing something, even though it will make no difference whatsoever. The fungus spores spread naturally on the wind at an average rate of about 30 miles a year. Nothing will save Britain’s Ash trees now apart from the few that happen to be resistant (presumably for random genetic reasons), as has been the case on the continent.

  2. thedrunkbirder


  3. Ash tree in my garden – do I have to wash my pants everytime I go out there? What about the birds that land on it – should I jet wash them too?
    I’m fucked if I’m chopping my tree down – at least not until I’ve got that fungus on my garden list. DEFRA – ‘Department for the Environmentally Feckless and Rigorously Apathetic’. Benyon – cunt on casters and no mistake.

  4. thedrunkbirder

    You must wash every bird that visits you Ash tree and any visitor in your garden, human, animal, mineral or vegetable.

  5. Here’s the Forestry Commission’s advice:

    It would appear that they would seriously advocate that you wash your motorcycle!

  6. Hello, I’m new to your blog which I started reading because I want to watch the birdwatchers! and to see what you’re finding. Now I see that you’re highlighting the ash dieback story. Thanks for doing this because it really is important. I’ve written severa posts about it on my own WP blog.

  7. thedrunkbirder

    Paul Riddle who runs the Owls About That Then blog has been doing a lot of work with researcher Emily Joachim into the decline of the Little Owl. In Leicestershire we seem to be bucking a trend in terms of a decline but Paul has noted that Little Owl prefers Ash. How will this affect the species nationally I wonder?

  8. I’m watching with trepidation.

    More generally, I wonder why so many birding blogs are on Blogspot rather than on WordPress. Feeling my way into writing about birds because I’ve noticed there’s a gap in my blog.

  9. I used to be on blogspot but found the move to WordPress was easy and the website so much better.

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