Black Velvet

Until just before lunch this blog was going to be called Cherry Choke. Why? Well I decided to head to Rutland Water first thing to see if I could photograph the Hawfinch that’s been hanging around the car park for a couple of days. No joy before the freezing rain and then a know-nothing twat who decided to tell Ian Leaver and myself where the wardens had recently shown him cracked Cherry stones that have been caused by resident Hawfinch. I did cough a bullshit! at one  point.

Anyway back at home I was just settling down to listen live to Fighting Talk when the Twitter feed went off. Not one but two Velvet Scoter at Swithland Reservoir. A quick dash up there to find no birders and the sun making viewing difficult. I soon picked up one bird before Ben Croxtall and Andy Forrayan arrived. I was pretty sure the first bird was a 1W male and this caused some discussion. I then found a female much further away.

Moving round to Kinchley Lane we got very close to this cracking 1W male… I knew I was right. The female kept well out of the way over by the viaduct.

Velvet Scoter

Velvet Scoter

Velvet Scoter

Velvet Scoter

This photo should show the yellow on the bill just starting to show which along with the brownish, coal-black plumage ages it. At sea I guess it would just go down as Velvet Scoter…

Velvet Scoter

Velvet Scoter

To keep in with my original title here’s a bit of the excellent Cherry Choke and Domino.


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