Ah! Foot it!

I’m taking up the Foot It challenge for January. I will be away for the first few days in Cromer, hopefully getting my uninspiring year list off to a good start in Norfolk (it’ll soon peter out in February) so I’m going to fall behind early doors but these days I’m more Tortoise than Hare so I hope I’ll be able to catch up… I’m also hoping to shed a few pounds by walking as well.
Being based in Quorn I’m handily placed for parts of the Soar valley and Swithland Reservoir is doable but a fair hike as a round trip – on the up side the walk will hopefully produce a few farmland birds.

3 Miles From Quorn

3 Miles From Quorn

Above is the area I can cover though I doubt I’ll bother with a lot of the North-eastern area. I did a quick tot up from the LROS Checklist and reckon I can get 95 species. Sadly Willow Tit no longer features on my predicted list but I’ll be a happy chap if I find one. Another bird I’ve included that I think will be tough is Grey Partridge. Finally I have added a species that will probably have moved on by January but which is certainly pretty visible right now – Waxwing.

One thing I am hoping to do, probably more than hit my birding target is get fitter, shed a few pounds (stone) and keep up the walking into February and beyond. Only one problem… The Organ Grinder falls well withing the boundary.

Right then, that’s me and that’s my challenge… bring it on!


2 responses to “Ah! Foot it!

  1. Good luck John. Regards Matt.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Matt!

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