A few photos taken at dusk at Swithland Reservoir using only the iPhone 4S. The first one was taken using the Pro HDR camera app and processed using Snapseed. For stability I use a Joby Gorillapod and a Sidekic tripod mount.


The next was taken using the good old Hipstamatic app. The lens is Roboglitter and the film Blanko, no flash.


The last one was taken using the new Hueless B&W app with a yellow filter effect. The border was added in Snapseed.


It’s amazing these days just how good the cameras are on mobile phones, or is that how good the phone/computer is on a camera. You might not always want to carry a camera but we all carry a phone and when we can do things like this we really should.


2 responses to “Dusk

  1. John… Nice photos, I too love using the iPhone for pics… Currently I have been using Instagram to share them… Are you on it? I’m on JMarshall78

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I am I think. No idea what my ID might be or how to connect. I don’t use Instagram half as much as Hipstamatic.

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