Lighthouse Family

On our way home on Wednesday, Leigh and I took the long way round via Happisburgh as I wanted some photos of the lighthouse and we both wanted a look at the church. A very nice church too. This was taken using the Hipstamatic app with a Bettie XL lens, BlacKeys Supergrain film and no flash.

Happisburgh Church

On to the lighthouse. The weather was foul, leaden, featureless skies, driving rain… just perfect for photography. Well in the days of film, I wouldn’t have even bothered going but with digital I’m sure we can salvage something out of most photos. I took this in RAW and used a single-shot HDR technique in Adobe Camera Raw and the merged them in Photomatix to produce something I felt I could work with.

Happisburgh Lighthouse

Here are a few Hipstamatic shots too that can make any dull day pop a bit.

Buckhorst H1 lens, Pistil film, no flash

Jane lens, Claunch 72 Monochrome film, no flash

Bettie XL lens, W40 film, no flash

The final image was processed in Topaz Simplify from the earlier HDR image. I like and Dave Gray thinks it has shades of an Edward Hopper watercolour so that pleases me. I hope you like them.



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