The title of this blog post comes from the Photoshop plug-in filter – Alien Skin: Exposure. Don’t ask, I don’t know either but it could be a case for Mulder & Scully. No, the reason I’m writing about alien skin is because I’ve been experimenting with the filter. When I started photography way back in the late 70s the only camera I could afford, indeed the only camera I wanted to be seen with – it was so perfectly retro even then, was a Praktica MTL3. A classic bit of East German technology.

Praktica MTL3

My favoured film was always either Ilford B&W film or slide film. I used to try and use Kodak Kodachrome 64 where possible. Having an ISO of 64 it meant it only really worked in the best light (unless you pushed the film). The other benefits were we could process the films cheaply at school. Anyhow, this first attempt recreates those heady days of my youth when we all seemed to take time with composing a photo – you can’t just delete shots you don’t like kiddies… and on slide you can’t crop either. This Class 03 diesel shunter was standing at Bury Bolton St station the other weekend and I thought was perfect for me to experiment with; I’ve even done a 4:3 crop ratio.

Class 03 D2062 at Bury



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