I found out a new term today via Flickr – iPhoneography: the art of taking, editing and creating photographs solely on the iPhone. At the minute I use the iPhone 4S which has a pretty useful 8meg camera. The only real limitation is the zoom – being digital it’s pretty poor. This makes you think about photography again. It’s either back to basics or cropping in camera… or phone!

A client visit to do a bit of photography allowed me to practice my new found art form.

Wyggeston’s House

Castle Park and St Mary de Castro

The Magazine Gateway

St Martin’s – Leicester Cathedral


4 responses to “iPhoneography

  1. I have recently discovered the same thing. I have an iPhone 4, and have always just thought of the camera as a last resort and more of a utility than a creative tool. Being new to WordPress, I stumbled upon a couple of photographers that post “iPhone Friday” photos taken and posted via their iPhone. I recently posted my first after searching out a couple of cool apps.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Chris, to be totally honest I had the iPhone 3GS which only had a 3meg camera and even then I was pretty impressed… impressed enough to have loads of camera and video apps which ensured I upgraded to the 4S as soon as I could.
    I might steal that idea for iPhone Friday as well. If I get a chance I’ll drop by the Great Central Railway who are having a winter steam gala this weekend. We still have a bit of snow which might make for some good photography.

  3. Hi John
    Really into iphoneography myself… I love the fact that you always have the phone on you and are able to capture images so easily. It’s a level playing field so to speak.
    On Instagram and Flickr as JMarshall78

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Josh, I’ll check you out.

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