Crook Backed Dick

There has been great excitement in Leicester today as it was revealed that the skeleton uncovered under the car park at the Leicester City Council offices at Greyfriars was indeed King Richard III often known as (and celebrated in a pub name) The Last Plantagenet.

Killed at the Battle of Bosworth on 22 August 1485, Richard’s death marked the end of The Wars of The Roses, the fall of the Yorkist dynasty and the founding by the victorious Henry Tudor of the Tudor dynasty. Richard was also the last king killed in battle in England.

Many myths have grown up around Richard III, a lot of them to do with William Shakespeare’s play but now maybe we can re-look at Richard III and his life and legacy.



4 responses to “Crook Backed Dick

  1. Watched the deeply flawed CH4 doc tonight……strange man, strange lady…..come back Tony R, I say! I’ve followed the shennanegins over the Battlefield ACTUAL site (was a fieldwaker in the investigation) and am VERY pleased that Leicester pulled it off so convincingly. Well done Richard Buckley & chums (Stuff the H.O.D., whatever her name was!)

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I quite liked the presenter. He was open minded and frequently raised an eyebrow to the histrionics but I agree strange lady – strange, strange lady.

  3. An excellent programme,but must agree a very strange woman that Philippa Langley from the Richard III society!

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Strange doesn’t even get close Dave!

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